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6-Week NCLEX Exam Preparation Program

Providing professional level NCLEX preparation to get nurses ready for their exam. Learn 1 on 1 with a qualified professor.

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Need to Prepare for Your NCLEX Exam?

We’ve taught healthcare curriculum and principles to over 3,500 Ontario students. Let us help you overcome testing anxiety and pass your exam with our 6-week NCLEX Preparation Program.

You’ll be taught by experienced professionals from Ontario’s top nursing colleges – Centennial, Georgian, and Seneca.

Private Virtual Learning
One-to-one guidance
Flexible schedules
Practice quizzes
Mock NCLEX exam

We customize the program to match and enhance your learning needs. Reduce your study stress and pass with confidence.

Noreen Leadbetter

Meet Your Instructor.

Noreen Leadbetter is a Master prepared Registered Nurse with 16 years of Nursing experience (front line, administrative management, Professor).

As a nursing professor, she recognized the unique needs of entry-level nurses and IENs. Her desire is to provide support and guidance as they transition into healthcare and learn to navigate our healthcare system and assisting them to develop their confidence as they begin their nursing career.

15+ Years of Experience
1000+ Students Taught
Friendly and Understanding
No Judgement
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NCLEX Preparation Program Outline

Each week the plan is developed and tailored to suit your learning style. Strategies are implemented to complement the learning and improve your understanding of the exam and their results.

Week 1
In week one we focus on assessing your learning style to tailor the program to you. You will get your first assignment in week one.
Week 2
In week two we start to implement your personal learning plan. We will also review your first assignment, and cover more related content.
Week 3
In week three we will continue to build your personal learning plan. We will also start to build your 'mock' NCLEX Exam and review it.
Week 4
In week four you will write your 'mock' NCLEX Exam and we will review your results and have a reflection session to analyze your results.
Week 5
In week five we identify a study strategy to improve your results. You are also given an assignment to prepare for the following week.
Week 6
In week six we bring all our learning and strategies together for you to write the final NCLEX Exam.
You are now onto the next chapter of your career...

6-Week NCLEX Preparation

We accommodate the ever changing schedules and budgets of hard working students. Contact Us if you have concerns about scheduling or payment!

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For Students Preparing for the NCLEX

Private Virtual Learning
One-to-one guidance
Flexible schedules
Practice quizzes
Mock NCLEX Exam
100+ Happy Students

NCLEX Preparation Testimonials

See what our successful students have to say about our NCLEX Review Program...

It is my pleasure to get a chance to know Professor Leadbetter when I studied at Seneca College. Noreen has the heart and passion to help IEN to get a better chance to practice nursing in Canada. Her course will help the newcomers to learn the medical system in Canada and be prepared to successfully passing the nursing exams. The knowledge and hands-on skills are what you can learn from her. I highly recommended attending her course when you have the opportunity to write your exam.

NCLEX Prep Student

If you feel a little lost when it comes to the NCLEX exam, Noreen will shine a light and help you realize you got this! I fell short when I took my NCLEX exam for the first time. I was devastated and embarrassed. I’m thankful I found Noreen’s help when I did. I connected with her over the phone and she put my mind at ease and calmed my nerves by giving me a plan. She highlighted areas for me to review and helped me understand material before memorizing it with thoughtful patience. We covered not only content but relaxation techniques to use in times of stress. I was able to analyse practice questions and draw on my education and nursing experience to enhance my studying and ultimately build my confidence back up!

NCLEX Prep Student

Ms Noreen is a perfect example of the new model teachers. Basically, she is student-oriented. In the classroom, she employs the Eclectic mode of teaching (this is the combination of all the modes of teaching “discussion mode, play way mode, role play mode, question mode” so as to facilitate standard learning). She is compassionate, passionate, and friendly. From my interactions with her, I can confidently say that she is one of the best teachers around.

NCLEX Prep Student
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Providing professional level NCLEX preparation to get nurses ready for their exam. Learning straight from the professionals first.