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We can assist you in following through with the new Health Canada guidelines and educate your staff on Infection Prevention Measures.

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Entering Phase 2 or Phase 3 may lead to multiple uncertainties with knowing how to maintain and uphold Health Canada Guidelines. We can assist you in following through with the information Health Canada has mandated, educate your staff on Infection Prevention Measures and be there for you when you have additional questions.

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Noreen Leadbetter

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Noreen Leadbetter is a Master prepared Registered Nurse with 16 years of Nursing experience (front line, administrative management, Professor). As a nursing professor, she recognized the unique needs of entry-level nurses and IENs. Her desire is to provide support and guidance as they transition into healthcare and learn to navigate our healthcare system and assisting them to develop their confidence as they begin their nursing career.

15+ Years of Experience
1000+ Students Taught
Friendly and Understanding
No Judgement
Educate Your Team

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